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Please upload your picture to:

I hand cut and resi cast each picture (2 sided) for the perfect badge holder of your loved one!

Each badge comes with an alligator swivel clip, but you can request aslide belt clip . The belt clip works best for areas such as a loop, pocket or "v" of scrubs. The alligator clipworks best when you wear your badge on your collar.

BadgeBlingCS was started in 2015 as I was working full time as a bedside Nurse! I've gotten busier over the years because of networkingand wonderful clients like you!! I also have an Etsy store where you can order more badges, t-shirts and mugs!

Follow me on Instagram: crissawyer_badgeblingcs



YouTube: come meet me and subscribe

Custom photo of your fur baby, kids or any picture you want! Portrait badge

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