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In many cases, serpents are viewed as symbol of healing, medicine, and even power.

Snakes shed their skin several times every year, and for this reason, they are symbols of transformation, renewal, and rebirth. 

This beautiful mystical snake badge has holographic gold stars and hand painted glitter accents. Pretty piece. Choose your own Background color if you prefer.

Badge reel is included. This is a badge cover that goes ontop of your badge reel by velcro!

❤Why Velcro? It makes my badge cover interchangeable with your mood or the holiday seasons. Also, reels break. When they do, your beautiful jewelry can be placed on a new reel, instead of retiring in the junk drawer! Your purchase through my shop saves you money!

Hi, I am a Registered Nurse and created badge bling jewelry to upscale my everyday work badge. I find joy and pride when i put my badge on. Now its pretty! It is of high quality metals, paints and crystals that sparkle and shine! They are beautiful, Fun and professional!

Gifts for Who: RN's, LPN's, CNA's, PA's, Respiratory Therapist, Law enforcement, nursing students, vet techs, veterinarians, walmart workers, comcast employees, Office positions; BadgeBlingCS is for everyone in every profession.

Charms: Each badge comes with charms as seen. You can substitute any charm for a more desirable one at no additional charge.

Your badge is specially made to order! If you are interested in a different charm than shown, please message me. Additional charms can be purchased on my other listing "add charms".

Other charm examples are turtles, butterflies, skull, birds, lions, crabs, owls, RN caduceus, stethoscope, dog bone, flowers, ect.

Swivel alligator clip Badge reel is included.

Each badge is removable for those pesky reels that break. It is held on by industrial strength velcro! Attaches to your current badge reel!

Each badge is less than 2" diameter and made of metal alloy. Natural tarnishing of metal occurs.

BadgeBlingCS design 2015

Mystical Snake badge holder jewelry

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